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INKWER. The Power which comes from unity

Inkwer, founded in partnership with Turkish-German-Danish, takes its success from combining Turkish engineering with German discipline and Danish quality.

expansion joints

INKWER; with its experienced engineering designs and high quality production, it presents expansion joints that manufactures to all over the world market, especially in Europe. INKWER manufactures expansion joints according to various criteria such as various size, temperature, pressure resistance and fully meet the needs of its customers.


INKWER A.S. was founded in Istanbul in 2019 as a Turkish & German and Danish partnership company. INKWER have been producing all kind of Expansion Joints with the large range such as Metallic, Fabric and Rubber Type in its factory with total 3000 m2 area which 2000 m2 closed and 1000 m2 open. INKWER have been producing all kind of special internal parts of electrostatic precipitators like collecting plates, discharge electrodes, rapping systems, gas distribution systems etc.


ExpansIon JoInts

• Steam lines
• Heating oil lines
• Marine industry
• Pump and fan vibrations


• Hot water lines
• Hot gas lines
• Refrigerant fluids
• Dismantling applications

Electrostatic precipitators

• Design, fabrication and installation of new electrostatic precipitators as turn-key basis
• The rehabilitation, maintenance or optimizing of old electrostatic precipitators
• Inspection and reporting of electrostatic precipitators
• Supervising of installation and comissioning


electrostatic precipitators

INKWER serves in the production and supply of special internal components of electrostatic precipitators used to reduce flue gas dust emissions in many industrial plants, especially thermal power plants. With its experience from the past, INKWER also acts as a strong service provider in the turnkey installation of electrostatic precipitators.


INKWER A.S. was founded in Istanbul in 2019 as a Turkish & German and Danish partnership company.

our values

Quality, trust and support are our most important values. Our main purpose is to meet each of our products with our customers in line with these values.

quality policy

To develop and produce environment-friendly and reliable products by using developing and up-to-date technologies, to make timely deliveries with effective use of resources and to maximize customer satisfaction with the principle of working with continuous improvement.


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INKWER produce electrostatic precipitator components and expansion joints in its factory with total 3000 m2 in Istanbul, Turkey